Sunday, August 30, 2009

Whitehorse Sports Complex

We spent a couple of very long days driving so that we could spend a whole day at the sports complex. We had the multi-million dollar complex to ourselves which was kind of cool.
A track runs above the basketball and soccer fields on a balcony.

We played a little half-court soccer. Too bad we didn't have time to play a little more on the trip down. We could have played The Brendemuhl's vs. The Fowler's :)

Deborah dunking the ball (It was the little kids hoop...)
We pretty much had the pool to ourselves too... We played a rousing game of water basketball. Sarah had to hang on tight (she really seemed to enjoy it) as Paul and I had a good time guarding each other, much to the amusement of our kids.
We got pretty good at doing back dives off the rope swing. I even tried a flip and landed on my face.

Paul and David


Deborah and Sarah

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