Friday, September 16, 2016

Benaiah Jasher Lance

Benaiah Jasher Lance
“YHWH has Built”  “Upright”
Was born to Trey and Deborah Lance
Sept 14, 2016
He weighed  7 lbs 1 oz and is a beautiful boy.

It was quite the adventure for the Grandmas!!!  
Deborah had been having light contractions on and off for two days.  They were gradually getting a little stronger so we called the midwife and let her know she would probably be needed later on.
The girls were being goofy with the chalk, so we decided this would be a fun way to let Trey know it was time to wrap things up at work and head home.
These pictures were taken at 4:30 pm.

Trey got the message and started heading home while we started getting the birthing pool out. The contractions were still light so we were having a fun time with it.
Tracy is making sure there aren’t any lumps in the padding under the pool  :)

The contractions started getting stronger so we called the midwife to come on over while we started getting water in the pool.
I couldn’t get the hose fitting off the washing machine which was our first plan to fill up the pool.  But, Trey was prepared and had bought some other fittings.  (I’m sure if he had been there he would have been able to get the hose off the washer.)  Tracy was able to get the hose hooked up to the shower head and we were in business.
You can tell that we weren’t too concerned yet, because I’m still taking pictures :)  
That was the last picture until after the birth :)

We got the pool half full before we ran out of hot water in the tank.  In the meantime, Deborah’s contractions were getting pretty strong.  She got in the tub while we started heating water up.  She wasn’t in there long before she was feeling the urge to push.  There wasn’t enough water yet to have the birth in the pool so we moved Deborah to her bed after the next contraction.  Trey got home at 7 o’clock and Benaiah was born at 7:12 pm!  Tracy and I were able to talk with Deborah’s midwife as she drove, despite poor cell reception, and the birth went very smoothly.  We didn’t really have time to get nervous which was a huge blessing.  In fact the whole day was a huge blessing from YHWH, we really felt His peace and we are very grateful!
The proud Grandma’s after their first solo and truly accidental midwifeless homebirth :)
Since this was my first time really assisting in a birth, Tracy took the lead while I helped out.  Since she got to catch Benaiah, I got to dress him for the first time.
Zadok wasn’t sure what to make of Benaiah at first, but he warmed up to him real fast.

Mom and baby are both doing great and resting quietly.

 Grandma and Sarah are helping take care of Zadok. (Grandma is learning how to take selfies :)  )

I am working on getting the blog updated.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Aiden Asher Warren

Dayton and Abigail had the most beautiful little boy!

Aiden Asher Warren

(which means Paradise of Happiness
in english we spell it Eden, but in Hebrew it is pronounced more like Aiden)

At 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches he is tall and lean :)

So far he has been the perfect baby, very alert but not fussy and a good eater :)

Grandma Brendemuhl got to go to Puerto Rico to hold him and
tak big brother Ronen swimming.

We are in North Dakota building our house.  Everyday is a new adventure for the kids here on the farm.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We have decided to leave Alaska and move back to the farm Paul was raised on in North Dakota. His mom still lives there and is getting tired of mowing the grass by herself :)  We will truly miss Alaska, it has been a great place to raise our family!  We had been hoping that our next move would be to Israel, to the land promised to those who love Yahwh.  But, that is not open to us now so we feel our next step should be back to Paul's mom in North Dakota. We are looking forward to the move, our first six kids were born there and we have fond memories of our time there.
We have been working very hard to spruce up our place here to make it easier to sell. So, spread the word, this is an awesome place to live for the right family!  If you know anyone who might be interested have them give us a call from the craigslist ad. Here's a link and a copy of our posting:

 8br - 4000ft2 - Beautiful Lakefront Lodge and Home (Nondalton)

Asking $275,000
Beautiful home and lodge on Six-Mile Lake, Nondalton, AK with majestic views and good fishing. 

* 1289 sq ft Turnkey Lodge with four very nice all season apartments approximately 250 sqft each with individual bathrooms and kitchenettes. Small laundry and cold storage with two chest freezers for apartment building. 170 ft beach front property on Six-Mile Lake. Float plane mooring with 3/1000 gal fuel storage tanks and 2200 gal fuel truck. 
* 2136 sq ft Main Residence on adjacent lot has 4 bedrooms/2.5 baths, full basement with its own walkout entrance and an established garden and greenhouse. New metal roof, several new windows, paint, and insulation as well as many electrical upgrades. Smoke house and storage building located on lot with house. 
* 512 sq ft Shop that currently does mechanic work for Nondalton and three surrounding villages with three out buildings for storage. 

Located next to the Lake Clark Preserve; residents have subsistence hunting privileges to include Lake Clark National Park. There are no property taxes. You can put a net out on the beach right by your front door and harvest all the sockeye salmon you need. State maintained runway with daily air taxi service, city water, sewer, post office, K-12 school, fire dept and clinic. One hour flight from Anchorage. Excellent trout, pike and salmon fishing access by boat and short flights to the Kvichak and the Nushagak Rivers. Price is based on the capitalization rate of return on two existing businesses and a modest price for the house. Priced to sell quickly as we need to return to the lower 48 to help extended families. Currently have 3 boats/motors, 3 snowmobiles, 4 inflatable kayaks, a small truck, fuel truck, several tools that can be included, but we will start liquidating soon so call and lets start talking. Ask for Paul.






If you have any ideas or suggestions to help us sell our property, send us a comment :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

New Metal Roof

When we added a dormer to the back of the house our vintage cedar shingles couldn't handle the lower pitch and we started having some leaking problems.  The cedar shingles had been there a long time so we decided to replace the shingles with metal. It was another fun family project and the new roof looks great!
 Joshua, Quentin, Anna and Caleb

 In the photo below, Anna is struggling to haul a roll of tar paper up the ladder while Quentin (who at 6'6" could have just handed it to her once she climbed up) is texting brother-in-law Trey and telling him what an awesome job he's doing on the roof.

 Quentin made sure he was in position and ready by the time she had the tar paper to the roof.
We did have fun! :)

The city has been replacing its water system last fall they replaced the water lines to the house and this summer they replaced the lines to the apartments.  The guys did a great job and didn't disturb our garden at all :)