Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tree Climbing

 We stopped to visit the Martin's on our way back to Nondalton.  The kids decided to climb trees in their front yard.

 Caleb did quite well, but he was a little too short to make it up.

 Quentin, on the other hand, was a little too tall.  He couldn't quite fit between the trees to leverage himself up.
Joshua got a ways up, but couldn't quite reach.
 Anna has always been an avid and able tree climber.  I don't see her out climbing trees nearly as often as I used too, but the temptation to show the boys how it's done was just too great...

 She gracefully shinnied up the tree in no time flat.

 Inspired, Joshua stretched like he didn't know he could, and made it up beside her.
 And then past her as he was able to use her as a ladder.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Visiting the Williams and Grandma Effie

We traveled through a snowstorm up to Estes Park, CO and spent some time with our friends the Williams.  They took us to the largest YMCA in the world where we had lots of fun playing volleyball.

 They also have a roller skating rink.
 Josiah was whipping around the rink while Sarah was fighting to maintain her balance.
 It's obvious that Bo must have spent some time at the roller skating rink in his youth.  He's pretty good :)
Bo's beautiful wife Sandy watching the skaters and holding Ronen.
Caleb playing shuffleboard.
Sarah kept Ronen happy on the sidelines.

We had an awesome time visiting with the Williams and then we headed with Dayton and Abigail and Ronen to the beautiful prairies of North Dakota.
 The sunset on the farm in North Dakota.
 It was a true blessing to have both of our grandsons and daughters together again.  Zadok had already grown quite a bit in the three weeks we were apart.

Joshua and Zadok
 The guys helped Grandma clear out some more of the trees that fell down in the windstorm.
 I think they enjoy driving the loader.
 Anna taking a selfie atop the tallest silo :)
 The view is incredible!

 The four generation picture with spouses.
 The whole crew with Grandma Effie.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Passover in Colorado

We headed to Colorado to visit Abigail and the Warren's. We had a wonderful Passover celebration with them. 
Sarah and Ronen all dressed up :)
Ronen got his first taste of bitter herbs and everyone else decided they couldn't let the little guy be the only brave heart.  Pretty soon everyone was trying to out due each other tasting the bitterest herb. 
Daddy Dayton
Ronen is looking on with some concern, "Daddy, are you okay?"
Will has a smile on his face and doesn't look affected by the hot herbs, But, he can't keep his eyes from turning red and watering up.
The kids spent hours trying to perfect this rhythm game.
Spring in Silverthorne was the perfect blend of winter and  summer sports.

Josh A.
Quentin flying over his trusting siblings and in-laws

Anna and Devin
Joshua flying high
We helped host a Passover/Unleavened Bread celebration.  It was an awesome week with a great group of people.  We had fun with old friends and made lots of new ones.
We played lots of games, learned some Hebrew, did a lot of dancing and singing, and Torah study.

We also ate a lot of good food. Nancy and Sarah are working on getting some of it ready.

Paul and Bob with Ronen
Teshuva gave us a concert and Quentin got to join the Cowgirls and Cowboys dancers.
You can check out the official video here
Jesse and Quentin
We took advantage of the great spring rates and went skiing for two days.  We filled the slopes with friends of all different skiing abilities and we had a blast!  Above Abigail is helping Sarah down with a guide rope.  By the end of the second day she was going top to bottom by herself.
The city park was a big hit with kids big and small.
Anna and Ronen
Devin making sure Sar makes it up okay.
Caleb, Anna, Ronen, Torah and Sar
David, Benjamin and Sarah