Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quentin turns 14

Quentin turned 14. He's growing like a weed. He already wears the same size shoes as Paul!
After they had cake, Quentin and the boys put up our tent We are going to spend a week camping in Saskatchewan Canada and Paul's Mom is going to join us, so she gets the bed in the camper and the boys are going to sleep in the tent. They wanted to make sure they had all of the parts before they packed it away for the trip.
Quentin got a kit to put feathers on arrows for his birthday. We took a hike up the mountain behind Nondalton and he had a chance to test them out.
The guys spotted a couple of spruce hens and below you can see Quentin stalking one while everyone looks on.

He got it with the first shot!

Below David is carrying the spruce hen that Paul shot with a pistol and the one Quentin shot with his bow and arrow. He and Benjamin took turns carrying them until we got to the top of the mountain and Quentin dressed them out.

Last year for Quentin's 13th birthday I put together a nice slide show that you can see here.

We are going to start traveling down the Alcan (Alaska Canadian Highway) today so please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spring Things

The ice has all melted from the lake, but long before it was gone, the kids were out swimming in the frigid water. I use the word swimming loosely because they mostly just dare each other to dunk under the water and then come up freezing. We've had a few beautiful sunny days that made you just want to jump in.

Sarah with Gilana and Kinsey.
We were all out doing some yard work. Below David is pounding loose nails back into the boardwalk.
David, Benjamin and Sarah each have a hammer and had a lot of fun pounding on the boardwalk.
The greenhouse now has three sides. I'm not sure who appreciates it more, the plants, our kids or our dog Princess. They all love to soak in the sunshine in it.

Anna is sewing a skirt.

One day was so gorgeous, I volunteered to lend my muscle to the boys putting the snow machine away.
Paul, Quentin, Joshua and Josh A. tucking the snow machine under the eave out of the weather.

Below the kids are giggling and laughing and working on their teamwork as they lift Paul.