Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dayton and Abigail's Wedding - The Movie

Mackenzie Smith and his sister Shaina filmed Dayton and Abigail's wedding.  Mackenzie edited the footage into an awesome video which you can watch here:


Stacy said...

What a sweet video. Thanks for sharing. May they be blessed!

Lea Fitchlee said...

This is such a great video!!

Jason Mayo said...

What a beautiful wedding, the dance at the end was awesome. God bless.

Abbey said...

Thank you for sharing. We showed it to our girls and it is so inspiring for them to see what a real wedding is like :)!

Such sweet spirits!

Susan said...

Thanks everbody!!! I'm glad you liked it.
I also thought McKenzie did a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing, joyful dance. Very athletic as well!!! I came across your blog and enjoy it so much. You all seem to have joy in your faith. Am I correct in that you observe OT & Jewish rituals but also believe in Jesus? I am hoping you would be able to answer me as I am searching. I also live in the north but Canada. If not I will continue to follow the blog.
Congratulations on a grandson.

Susan said...

Thank you and yes we put a high value on joy :)
We do believe in Jesus (Yeshua), that He is our Messiah. We don't believe that we are justified because we follow the Old Testament but we believe that the instructions God laid out in the OT or Tanach are just as relevant to us today as they ever were. We obey Him because we love Him and we trust and have faith that He knows the best way to live even if we don't understand the reasons.

You can email us at if you have more questions