Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We left my Mom & Dad's house the day after Father's Day. Below my Grandad, my Dad, my brother David and Paul are enjoying the supper we made for them.
My Grandad lives next to my Mom & Dad. His house overlooks the pastures where he can keep an eye on the sheep, the donkey and the horses. My job while I was in high school was to feed a couple of bales of hay to the cows and he kept an eye on me too. I got to drive our jeep pickup truck to deliver the bales and Grandad made sure I didn't go too fast. My Grandad is a faithful man whom I respect very much. He will be 97 in December and he is still getting around great.

I wish I could see more of my Grandad and that he could see more of his great-grandkids.

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