Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ron & Linda Richter and Darby Montana

Ron & Linda Richter are teachers that live in Nondalton and fellowship with us there. They are a great encouragement to us. Paul & Ron share a love of all things mechanical, especially those things that are just now being invented and still need the bugs worked out. They live on a beautiful river in Montana during the summers with Linda's Mom and Dad and their daughter and son-in-law. We got to spend the night with them, play in the river, check out some of Ron's projects and inventions, including his custom bow-making shop ( and eat some of Linda's awesome cooking.Linda took us down to the river and we got to visit while the kids played.
The kids are helping Ron fill the mixing tank with recycled paper to make papercrete blocks.
We helped Ron with the shed he was building out of papercrete. It's turning out very nice. It's very hard but very light and you can smooth it just like cement.
Ron is showing the kids his Rocket made by putting water into a 2 liter pop bottle and then filling it with compressed air. It works great! Quentin took lots of pictures so he can make his own. In fact, Quentin took pictures of lots of things on the trip that he intends to make once we get home. If he gets them made, I'll post them.
Sarah loved the quick bath we gave her in Linda's sink.
It was great getting to see Ron & Linda on their home turf. It's easier to picture things they talk about and it was fun getting to know their family a little bit. They'll be joining us back in Nondalton in August.

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