Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Ceremony

Dayton's father, Monty, drove Abigail and Dayton from the campground to the amphitheater where the ceremony was held.
Everyone else (the grandparents caught a ride) walked over in a long procession.
Quentin and Will directed everyone to the side aisles so they wouldn't disturb the rose petals.  (They look pretty formidable ;) I don't think they had any problems with crowd control :)
Caleb and Sarah were definitely the cutest couple .
Everyone stood for the entrance of the Bride and Groom.

Monty came down the day before the ceremony at the same time he had the ceremony planned for and it was very hot.  So, we were very thankful for the cloud cover that made the day perfect.

Paul and Monty said a few words of greeting and then Monty read some scripture.
David and Benjamin held up the Ketubah (marriage vows) while Dayton and Abigail read them together.
Susan's dad (above) and Monty's dad (below) prayed a blessing over the couple.
Sarah thought the ceremony was going a little long and asked Anna if she could sit down :)

At the end of the ceremony some strong guys lifted the newlyweds for the chair dance.

Sarah is very excited to have Dayton as her new brother.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Bridegroom Arrives

This is Jasey Davis, she took the pictures for the wedding.  As you can see, she did an awesome job!!!  Thank you Jasey!!!  If you need some pictures taken, you can check her out at

Paul drove Abigail, Susan and the bridesmaids from the cabin to the campground to await Dayton's arrival.
The guests gathered to wait with Abigail.
In the last few weddings held at Kenlake State Park, the groom arrived on a horse.  Dayton rented a convertible Camaro for the day to make his grand entrance.  
The car was the boys favorite part of the whole wedding :)
Paul sent Abigail off to meet Dayton.

Dayton & Abigail had picked out their rings together, but they arrived while they were separated.  Dayton wanted to give Abigail her ring before the ceremony started.  They had their backs turned to us so we couldn't tell what they were doing.  Someone wondered out loud if Dayton was texting?!

And then the first kiss....

What a beautiful couple!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wedding Preperations

We are back in Nondalton and busily putting up this year's salmon run.  Dayton & Abigail are here with us helping out and enjoying their first months of married life.  They're planning on staying until the end of August.  I've got lots of pictures to post of all the fun we're having.
But for now, here are some pictures I thought I'd share of the time leading up to the wedding.
Below the boys are trying on their shirts and ties.
Shopping is hard work and it totally wiped Barrett out.
We did our wedding clothes shopping in Fargo and after we finished the Warrens headed back to Oklahoma and we were headed back to Grandma's house to wait and prepare for the wedding.  Another words... Abigail and Dayton wouldn't see each other again until he came for her on their wedding day!  They were getting a little clingy as the hour of their separation came.  (I think the "allowed to hold hands and no more" rule got pushed to the limit there :) )
As soon as we arrived in Kentucky the girls started making the flowers that would sit on the wedding cake.  They were kinda hard to make :(
Sarah made the cake and Abigail (with everyone's help) decorated it.
Friday afternoon as we were waiting for the window of waiting for the weddings to open, we threw Abigail and Victoria into the lake and then joined them because it was so nice.
Abigail on Deborah's shoulders and Victoria on Olivia's shoulders had a fun chicken fight. I think they pretty much toppled at the same time.
After Shabbat was over the girls started getting their hair ready for the wedding they knew was soon to come.
The groomsmen came and announced the bridegroom was two hours away.  The excitement mounted as the girls dressed in their wedding garments.