Thursday, July 26, 2012

Putting up Salmon

Every year during the month of July the Red Sockeye Salmon stream past the lake in front of our home.  They were born here four to eight years ago and left to make their way to the Pacific Ocean.  When they are full grown they swim through Bristol Bay, up the Kvijack River into Lake Iliamna, then up the Newhalen River and into Six Mile Lake where we live.  The fish that make it past the thousands of fisherman trying to catch them find the spot they were born and lay their eggs and then they die.  Up until that point they are silver on the outside and their meat is a deep red. Before they die they turn a deep red and their meat turns almost white.  They are one of the healthiest things you can eat and we praise Yhwh for his provision for us.
Getting the jars ready for the salmon
Sometimes we put our net out right in front of our house and sometimes we take it a ways down the river.
Abigail gutting the salmon

Everyone helps as we catch and process the salmon.

Deborah cutting the salmon to fit them into jars.

The seagulls eat well during the salmon run

The fishbox keeps the salmon nice and cold as we process them.

We (mostly Abigail) put together some video clips so you can see all the fun we had catching and processing our salmon this year.  Enjoy!


John said...

HA! HA! HA! That is a great video. I can't remember a video, I enjoyed so much. Good work, thanks for the smile

Jason Mayo said...

We love this video, my son insists that we watch it every evening and then he cut's up his own imaginary fish even throwing the bit's to the sea gulls. Then we watch your Shabbat video. Also interested in the way you worship the Lord. Love your blog. Blessings. :)