Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liard Hot Springs

We saw nine bears on the way to Liard Hot Springs.

Herds of Buffalo...

Two moose; one of them walked right up to us...
We got to the campground at Liard at about 9:30 pm. We swam until almost midnight. We met the Walker's while we were swimming. They had been dorm parents at a Bible College in Alaska four years ago and now felt God was calling them back to Alaska. They lived in Wilmington, NC for the last four years and left from there the week before we did to travel back to Alaska. Who knows how many times our paths almost crossed over the two weeks and 3,000+ miles we traveled the same road. And then God brought us to Liard Hot Springs to fellowship together. Their grandson Caleb was traveling with them so we told them about the great swimming pool at Whitehorse and then we met them there the next night.We left for our last trip to the lower 48 in April of 2004. We didn't have a blog back then (did anyone?) so I thought I would include some photos from that trip as it was very memorable. It was extremely cold that day which made the hot springs feel even better. Our hair frosted from the steam and then when we changed after we swam, our swimming suits froze stiff as boards by the time we finished.
Abigail is racing for the water.


Deborah is holding Anna who can barely touch. Paul has Joshua, then Abigail and then a toothless Quentin.
The kids (including Paul) took turns getting out and rolling in the snow and then getting back in the water.

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