Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home in Nondalton

We had an awesome trip! We were gone 78 days and we traveled over 12,800 miles. We renewed old friendships, met many new friends and got to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We enjoyed the closeness of 11 of us in 29 ft.; it was great family time.

Coming home was great too... The Martins house-sat for us while we were gone and it was wonderful to come home to a house that was sparkling clean. Lavonne and Josh couldn't believe how fast the time went while we were gone. They had a great time and a sad time while we were gone. Two youth groups came and did fun bible activities in the village and Lavonne's step-father passed away. I believe one of the reasons God sent those groups here this summer was to be here along with the Martins for Lavonne and Josh during their difficult time.
It was fun for Lavonne and Josh to see how much Sarah had grown while we were gone.

The kids loved getting back to their mountain lake even if the water was a little cold.
David Martin gave Teri and the little kids a ride on the raft.
Benjamin, David, Caleb and Josh A. out behind them.
A toy elephant that shoots butterflies up it's trunk came into the thrift store while we were gone. The Martins saved it special for Benjamin's birthday which they missed. Below Lavonne and Sarah, Zoe, Tia and Alexia are having fun collecting the butterflies in their nets.

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