Thursday, June 26, 2008

Benjamin's Birthday!

Benjamin turnd two! Well he turnd two a few days ago (June 21st) but I'm kinda behind blogging:)

He got a kids golf set for his birthday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things that happend while I was at Camp

Two days after I went to Camp Dad's blind cousin Ray Rovey came to visit us then he left two days after I got back. This is him and his seeing eye dog, Fox:)The day he came Grace Brethren from Maryland sent a bunch of high school kids up here to do kids clubs then they left the day Ray left. The week end they where here The Martins come here and David put on a consert.
Gilana:) David's little sister.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I went to Camp on the 2nd and came back the next Monday. While we were up there we hiked to the falls. It was a lot of fun.When we got back from the falls we were supposed to have water front activities but it was cold and windy so did them the next day. The tube was lots of fun.
On Saturday we had a Hobo Breakfast. Every cabin was supposed to make thier own fire to cook on but since it rained the night before on the wood we had to have a little help:)
We had eggs, Canadian bacon, and cheese in between English muffins for breakfast.These are all the people who sing or play up front.(including baby Jeremiah:)
On Sunday night they had a banquet that everyone dressed up for.
After the banquet was the award ceremony. This is all my cabin.
After the awards we put on a skit. Rachel and I are the heads and someone else is behind us being our hands trying to put makeup on us. They got it all over our face and hair:)
I had a really good time. I can't wait till Winter Camp.

Quentin's Birthday

I've been gone to camp for a week plus a couple days in Anchorage so I'm behind writing in my blog. I'll try to get caught up today. The day after we got back from Aniak Quentin had his 11th birthday. We had birthday brownies for him while we were there.
When we got back we had a little birthday party for him.
This is his home made pinata. It was made out of a very tough box:)For his present from us he got an air soft gun. Now he and Josh A. are having air soft fights all the time.