Friday, August 14, 2009

Leaving the Farm in North Dakota

Paul's sister Debbie, her husband Ross, and our their kids Eric, Jared and Rachel, came to see us at the farm before we left to start back to Alaska. They've been up to Alaska twice to see us which is a huge blessing for us. Below we've got everyone out playing a game of touch football. Paul was impressed by how far his nephews could throw a football. It reminded him of his younger years...Ever since I joined the family, we always have a group hug when the Monsebrotens leave Grandma's house. The circle keeps getting larger...
As we left the farm and Paul's Mom Effie, Paul commented that it seemed harder this time. I suppose five years ago we were so excited by the unknown (we had just moved to Nondalton) that it covered up the sadness of leaving the farm. But, we left feeling confident that we are where God wants us to be and that's what really matters. Effie comes and sees us every year in Alaska which is another huge blessing that we are extremely grateful for.

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