Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Andrea & Nathan's

Montana was a busy state, we had five families invite us to come visit. We missed Cam & Nicole's wedding (2 friends who teach in Nondalton) because we were on the other side of the country. After we left Ron & Linda's we went North to Sealy, Mt. where two more newlyweds live. We stopped and spent the night with Paul's cousin Andrea and her new husband Nathan. Nathan is a gifted cabinet carpenter and he's also an inventor. Below the kids are using one of his inventions. He made a cherry pitter that runs off compressed air and the kids thought it was very cool; Paul did too.
Andrea worked in Alaska for several summers before she married Nathan and she got to come visit us in Nondalton. The kids love her because she's still a big kid herself and lots of fun. The school playground is adjacent to their backyard and it was an awesome one. Sarah and I watched the kids and Andrea play freeze tag only they weren't allowed to touch the ground. The kids were happy to find that Andrea was just as much fun now that she's married as she ever was. They exhausted themselves climbing around on the rugged playground.
Sarah, smiling as always.

Sarah and Benjamin


Andrea is a talented musician. She's a percussionist including the keyboard and she's also picked up the guitar. We had a fun evening playing and singing worship songs together.

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