Saturday, February 20, 2010


As our kids get older they want to use computers for useful things. So, they have inherited any of our computers that are still working when we get a new one. My Mom and Dad even sent them their old laptop. Quentin has been able to put parts and pieces together and keep one going at least some of the time.
Abigail has learned some HTML code. She is helping Paul format a comment he was posting on a blog so it would look more professional.

I use the computer off and on all day. Below is a picture of my command post. The kids line up for me to help them with their schooling. Our TV can act as a computer monitor so, I've got it hooked up as a second monitor to my computer. I found a program that allows me to monitor the rest of the computers on our network. The same program comes in another version that only allows you to monitor up to 3 computers.
It works pretty good and allows me to keep track of what the kids are doing their computer. It keeps a record of everywhere each computer navigates to. Sometimes Paul will have a group of kids gathered around him laughing at something on his computer and I can put his monitor full screen on either of my monitors so I can see too! You can send messages to the screens of the other computers and even control the other computers (I had to ban the kids from doing this to each other from my computer as it was annoying.)
On the wall beside me you can also see a marine band radio which is used to talk within the village and between villages. Plus an aircraft radio and the phone. As the unofficial dispatcher in the village, sometimes I am on all three of them at once.
Two computers being monitored on my computer.
Another one of my favorite programs is Zionworx It's a free program that works as well or better than any program I've seen in a big church. We use it for our worship services we have in our home. Everything can be cued from one monitor and displayed on the other. Our TV/computer monitor works great for that.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Our Basement has many uses. Our library is shelved along one wall, we have a guest apartment where Lavonne and Josh lived for a year. We also have tables set up and I instruct students who are studying to take the GED tests for and hour or two most days. It's very flexible. We also have a thrift store down there which has taken on many forms over the years. At times we've had all the clothes displayed on hangars on the walls, now all of the sizes are separated into totes and whenever someone comes to shop we just empty the tote and fill it back up as we look through the clothes. There is also a fooseball table in the basement and in those rare moments when all the thrift store clothes are sorted and stored in their proper totes we can actually play fooseball. The kids convinced Paul to play with them.
Sarah is trying to play along.

They even got me to play a game or two.
I don't play much so normally I'm quite a handicap. Anna and I had to resort to drastic tactics. I had Anna use her toes to start the ball in play. It grossed the guys out so bad it was good for a point. The rest of the points we scored were because my balls rolled so much slower than everyone else's, it caused their timing to be way off. I think Anna and I actually won.
The last match was the four youngest boys (I can't really say little boys any more) against Paul and I.

They each had their own row of players to manage.

Kids sure are fun!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mountain Sledding

Since we have had very little snow this year, Paul and most of the big kids headed up the mountain to find snow to sled on. They ended up going all the way up to the base of Castle Rock that we climbed last fall and sledding all the way back down the trail.
Everybody jumped off the Honda while Abigail took it up a steep hill.

They had to help push a little because it was so icy.

Caleb was the youngest to get to go.

Joshua getting a running start.

They left the Honda's a little past halfway and hiked to the base of Castle Rock.

Snowball fight!

Paul watching the snowball fight from a safe distance.

Josh A. giving Abigail a push.