Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jennifer's Mom

We drove right by the St. Louis Gateway Arch. I wasn't able to take a good look at it because Paul was napping so I was driving. There was a lot of traffic and the road we were supposed to take kept exiting here and there. In the picture below I'm in the far left lane and all of a sudden the sign says I'm supposed to be in the far right lane... Help!The kids got some good pictures out the window, so I got to see what they saw when we stopped.
Jennifer has been coming to Nondalton for over a year. She is an anthropologist and has been working on her PhD. She stays in one of our apartments when she's in town, so we have gotten to know her quite well. We will miss her regular visits now that she has completed the research portion of her studies. Her Mom lives near Kansas City and Jennifer and her husband Tim just happened to be there visiting her Mom when we drove through. We stopped for a very nice visit. Sandy shared some of her birthday balloons with the kids (great fun for the motor home). It turned out to be the hottest day of the trip. Jennifer said the thermometer on the bank in town read 104 degrees F.
Paul was sitting visiting with Tim and Sandy when a deer and her baby ran through the back yard and scared the kids back inside. They hung around for awhile so we could watch them, very cool.

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