Sunday, August 23, 2009

Matt & Natalie, Jack & Kelly and The Border

Next on our Montana tour we stopped at Natalie and Matt's house. They were teacher's in Nondalton a few years ago. Natalie's Mom lived with her for a while in Nondalton. Natalie and her Dad came to visit us after they'd moved.
We had a very nice visit, although it was too short and we got to meet their niece and nephew.
Next we visited Paul's cousin Chrysa and her husband Jack's house. Jack and their daughter Kelly were there for a good (too short) visit, but Chrysa was out of town. They try to spend most summers in Alaska so sometimes we get to see them there. I made sure I got a picture of Jack holding Sarah since Chrysa hasn't gotten to meet her yet.
We have made it a policy to have me drive instead of Paul when we cross borders. It must be the beard or something, but when he has been driving they've made us come inside while they checked our papers, they've had us get out while they searched the motor home, and once they insisted they'd given us back all of our passports when in reality they still had two; they finally found them. On the way into the lower 48 they took our oranges. We made sure we ate our oranges before we got to the Canadian border, but they didn't ask for oranges this time, instead they asked for apples, which we had several of... The border official offered to let us pull off and eat them, so we did and then we went on our way.

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