Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sliding Rock

After the Cradle of Forestry, we went to my favorite spot in the Pisgah National Forest, Sliding Rock. God created the best water slide ever there. When I was a kid we would just pull up along the side of the road and go sliding. Now they've got lifeguards and a huge parking lot. Thankfully though, we went while school was still in session (homeschooling is great) and the line was short. The water was fresh mountain water and almost as cold as our Alaska lake. It really took your breath away when you landed in the pool at the bottom.

Below Abigail is anticipating the cold water.
Deborah is going down backwards.
Quentin is getting ready for the big splash.
Paul took Caleb down for a ride Caleb won't soon forget. He felt like they were under water forever as Paul slipped around on the slippery rocks getting his footing in the pool at the bottom.

The little kids played in the shallow water on the left.

Sarah (almost) always has a beautiful smile on her face and just enjoys doing whatever we're doing.

Grandma Rogers and Sarah.

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