Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Beach

The trip to the beach was planned for over a year. With much anticipation we arrived totally excited. None of us were disappointed, the weather was perfect, the water was warm and we got to spend time with family we hadn't seen in years.

Joshua learning how to use the slide board.
Grandma taking a walk with David and Benjamin.
Below my brother John Mark's daughter Elizabeth is playing in the sand with David and Benjamin.
Below David is doing a little sand surfin'.

One day the waters were pretty rough. Abigail got a good scrape on her face when she got pounded into the shore by a wave. At one point my Mom asked me if the tide had gone down. What she really meant to ask was if the waves were any milder, I misunderstood and told her they were lower. Actually, they were still pretty wild. That's exciting if you're a 14 year old looking for a wild ride, for my Mom it was a little much. It's a good thing she's tough!

All the sun and wild wave riding were very exhausting. One afternoon the littlest kids passed out for a good nap. Paul volunteered to watch them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! We miss you guys. It is so good to see all your pictures and see the fun you are having:) What a blessing. Things are going well here. Normal summer time activities. We can't wait to pick berries. Love to all of you from the Davis'