Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catching up with Old Friends

Being back in my hometown gave me the chance to catch up with old friends. Angela was my next door neighbor for a few years and we were in the same grade in school. We'd lost touch over the years, but her Mom, Betty, and Joan, another of my Mom's friends, came to help my Mom out while we were there (I think my Mom was a little apprehensive about feeding a family of eleven for two weeks.) Betty brought Angela and her kids out to see us. After all these years it was a huge blessing to see Angela's love for the Lord and how much we had in common in our walk with the Lord. Angela and Kent home school their three kids and we enjoyed getting to know them as we rode horses and took pictures of my Dad's sheep.

Another good friend in my class at school was Rita. We played basketball together and share a love for the Lord. She helps her husband run a tennis club now and she invited us out to wack at some balls. Her daughter had just gotten married so we got to feast on delicious left over wedding cake and fruit.
My neighbor Sarah married Sam and they have an organic garden. We went and took a look around as Paul has always been interested in organic gardening. They do a great job and it was neat to see some of the techniques they use.
Chris Gabriel (another classmate) came over with his Dad one evening and we had a good time catching up. His Mom brought over a cake to help feed our crew. Another friend Vivian brought over 5 quarts of delicious vegetable soup. I was impressed by the love that my Mom's friends demonstrated as they brought over food. I also got to visit with Greg (another classmate) and his wife Brooke after church on Sunday. Angela, Chris, Greg, Sarah and I were all in a youth group from our church that had a choir. We went around and sang at different churches and it has been encouraging to see many of the now mature (we can't be getting old) adults from that group still serving the Lord today.

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