Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Talented Husband

Paul can fix anything (I think I've already said that). He had many opportunities on our trip to fix things. A few of the things I can think of are: his Mom's mower and golf cart, my Dad's hay cutter, hay fluffer, bush hog, bailer and golf cart, for other friends along the way a weed cutter and dehumidifier.Paul helped my Dad get his equipment ready to cut and bail hay. He decided it would be much easier if he had a quick hitch. So, we went to the Tractor Supply Company and bought him a quick hitch as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Unfortunately almost all of the pieces had to be modified to work properly. Fortunately, Paul really enjoyed cutting and welding and making everything work.
Below Joshua is trying on the hat we bought Grandpa at the Tractor Supply Co. store.

The little boys had fun trying on hats in the hat department.
Paul and Dad tweaked a few things and got the bailer running smoothly.
They replaced the belt on the golf cart Dad uses to do his farm chores.

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