Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grandpa's Sheep

As I was growing up, my job was to feed the cows. A couple of years ago my Dad switched to sheep because they are easier to handle. His sheep are bred to shed their hair which they were in the process of doing while we were there. It was also lambing time, somewhere around 10 lambs were born while we were there. The little guys were so cute!

The kids had fun catching the sheep for Grandpa and holding them down while he gave them their medicine, put a tag on their ear and banded the girls tails.
Smokey is my Dad's donkey. he acts as the sheep protector except during lambing when he is not gentle enough. You would not believe how loud his braying is. The entire time we were there it never ceased to amaze me how it sounded like he had an amplification system that broadcast over the whole farm.

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