Friday, July 31, 2009

Putt Putt Golf at Myrtle Beach

When I was a kid we would go to Myrtle Beach, SC about once a year and camp at the Pirate Land Campground, first in our tent and later in a trailer. I remembered there were these awesome putt putt golf courses with volcanoes and waterfalls very elaborately done. We decided to drive back to my parents house through Myrtle Beach and see if things were as I remembered them. I thought maybe we could play a little putt putt golf if it wasn't too expensive. Paul (my pessimist, he calls himself a realist) was sure that my childhood memories were way overblown and I would be disappointed by the putt putt courses. The area had really changed. It was much more commercialized and very crowded. The putt putt golf courses, however, were even better than I remembered. We thought we would drive the strip once and then come back and play at the course that looked the best. As we drove the kids would holler out that's the one to every course we passed. They just kept getting better and better. We finally picked out one that we had two for one coupons for (a good thing with a family of eleven). It wasn't the most spectacular, but it was cool... Actually it was a sultry 97 degrees and us poor Alaskans were dying in the heat. I was ready to jump in the waterfall. We pretty much had the course to ourselves. I think everyone else was smart enough to wait till evening to play.
Sarah, Benjamin and I spent as much time as possible in this cave with a waterfall flowing over it. It was the coolest spot on the course.There was an East course and a West course each 18 holes. The boys went one way and the girls went the other and then we switched. The boys were taking way longer than the girls to finish the course and when I went to go take some pictures of them playing I found out why... They had to take time at every hole to figure out how it worked... why the ball kicked out in one direction while the water went the other, etc. Men... they're so curious and mechanical... and cute..

Paul and Quentin

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