Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kid's Museum

I grew up in Rutherfordton, NC and one of the coolest things they've added since I moved away is the kid's museum. David and Misty took us there for the day and the kids had a blast.
Below is the bubble room where the kids made all kinds of fun bubbles.
There was a stage where they could dress up and put on a play. Sarah made a cute butterfly.
The kids had fun pretending they were running a cafe.
Anna is shopping at the miniature grocery store where everything is made of plastic.
Deborah, Makayla and Abigail are goofing off at the checkout counter.
Makayla is manning a camera in the TV Studio.
The kids learned how they add all kinds of creative backgrounds to video by using a green backdrop.

Joshua and Caleb had fun pretending to be dentists.

The little boys thought the mock fire station was great fun.

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