Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthdays Aug - Sep

Abigail turned 15 on August the 10th. Her name means "source of delight" and it fits her perfectly. Abigail enjoys learning new things. She is very talented and when she becomes interested in something she dives in wholeheartedly and becomes an expert. It is a joy to watch her get excited about things.Abigail's friend Rachel from Port Alsworth flew down for her birthday. Below they are watching the younger kids break a piƱata for her birthday.Abigail wanted to go on a hike for her birthday, so Paul went with ten or so of the older kids and hiked up to Castle Rock.They were so hot when they got back that they went swimming. BrrrrJosh Armstrong turned 12 on August the 19th. His Nana (Grandmother) threw him a big party and then we had another one at our place. Josh is a big help to his Mom and a good friend to all of us.Sarah turned one on August the 25th. She was a little awed by all the attention at first...But she quickly warmed up to the idea of yummy cake that she could dive into.I turned a year older in September. I've got a pilot's license, but I'd never flown a taildragger (as opposed to a tricycle gear aircraft). So, Paul took me flying for my birthday and I got a lesson while we looked for Moose. Teri Martin also turned another year older. Her son David turned 18 and her daughter Gilana turned 4. So, we've been busy with birthdays.

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