Thursday, October 22, 2009

Helicopter Rides

An organization called Nature Conservancy came to Nondalton for a month to see how many streams in the area around the proposed Pebble Mine have Salmon in them. They used a helicopter for their work and when they were finished they invited the village down to learn about how they found and counted the fish. They got a really good crowd because they announced that they were going to give free helicopter rides. On the way down the kids asked me if they could have my turn if my name was drawn. I told them "no way, I'm 46 years old and I've never gotten a ride in one. You've got your whole lives to get one." Quentin, Lavonne, Josh A. and I all got a free ride. It was really cool!We flew around an old volcano behind the village and then back down to the lake.
I got a good picture of the house from the air. Our house is the blue one on the lower left with two dormers in the roof. There is a walk-in basement where I teach GED classes and where we keep our thrift store. The blue building on the lower right is the apartments where Lavonne and Josh and the Martins live.

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Angela said...

This sounds so neat! Great pics :) I so enjoy your do alot better than I on keeping it updated :)