Friday, October 30, 2009

More Family Camp

The kids spent much of their time trying to see how many kids they could fit on the tire swing and how fast they could get it to spin. This is also the swing set that Caleb headed off to (without anyone noticing) while we were supposed to be taking family pictures. In the last post you'll notice that Caleb was in the first picture. But then he missed the next four pictures, including the one that was supposed to be a family photo... For those of you who guessed that he was also missing in the bathhouse photo, I'll give you that one since you can't see him standing behind Paul.
John and Darcy Lorentzen and their 2 yr. old daughter Makyia came and visited us just before family camp and then ended up going with us. They are the parents of Madison and Amanda that came and sang at our house last spring. We got to visit them in North Dakota on our trip and we really enjoyed their visit to Nondalton.
Paul helped fly people home after Family Camp was over so we got to be one of the last ones to leave. We took our extra time to go visit Michelle and her four boys. I don't get to see Michelle very often, usually twice a year at Family Camp, but she is one of those people that I feel close to even though we don't see much of each other. It must be the Holy Spirit... As you can see she is pregnant with number eight.
Darcy is looking on as Michelle's youngest boy Noah and Sarah play.
Michelle's husband Jeremy was gone bear hunting, but he is a master craftsman and he built their cabin. It's made with kids in mind and is probably the funnest cabin anywhere with it's indoor rope swing.


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