Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bad Day

Paul got called away from church today to work on an airplane at the airfield. The pilot came down to use the phone at our house but he couldn't because the line had been cut. The line was cut because they are putting in a new water system in town and digging all over. It turns out that the reason they were digging this particular hole was to find a leak... the leak turned out to be coming from under our apartments. They found the leak by pushing air through the pipes. The door to our furnace room where the water comes into the apartments was propped open to dry things out. As they were walking by they could hear the air in the pipes and were able to pinpoint the leak and get the water turned off. The reason the door to the furnace room was open was because yesterday Lavonne and Josh's apartment flooded. The city's wells are running dry so they've been pumping water out of the lake. The flow has been erratic, on for a few hours and then off for a few hours (It turns out, that was so they could find the leak.) When Lavonne and Josh left their apartment the water was off so they didn't realize they'd left their faucet on. When the water came back on, a lid in the bottom of the sink plugged the drain and the apartment was flooded by the time they returned. We pulled out the carpet and are hanging it out to dry.
I suppose it will take the phone guy a few days to get out here and repair the line. In the meantime we'll enjoy the peace and quiet.
The trackhoe that cut the phone line.
How many kids does it take to find a water leak? I think most of them are under there looking.
After the initial, "Oh No," Lavonne & Josh did great and took it as an opportunity to clean the house to the floorboards.
Drying the Carpet.

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