Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mechanical Men

Quentin loves all things mechanical. We have an old laptop and he practiced taking it apart and putting it back together again until he could do it in 11 min and 28 secs.He then turned to a not so old computer that best buy wouldn't warranty when the power supply went out because when they opened it we had spilled some French Vanilla on the keyboard. They agreed that the French Vanilla had nothing to do with the power supply, but since the computer would soon be non-functioning anyway, they wouldn't work on it. Quentin got it apart and then he and Paul figured out that one of the diodes on the power supply was bad. They took it out and it works great (it must have been an unnecessary part to begin with). Quentin cleaned the keys and it's as good as new. As the junior apprentice, Joshua gets tools and makes sure Paul's back stays scratched.

It works!
When Grandma Effie (Paul's mom) was here, she built some shelves for the boys and a box with a lock on it for Quentin. Quentin then helped the little boys make boxes so now they all have one. Quentin has been scrounging various electronic parts for projects and he was excited for me to see his latest invention.
He took an old switch from a Honda 4-wheeler and somehow convinced me that I didn't need the buzzer for our Taboo game anymore. He mounted the switch inside his box so that if the door is opened before he deactivates the switch the Taboo buzzer sounds the alarm. It works great! I haven't heard it going off except when he's showing if off because he keeps the key to his box well hidden. Now if I could just get him to sit down and do his Math without me nagging him everyday...

Quentin gets his mechanical genius from his Dad. It never ceases to amaze me the things Paul can fix. We got a very old and very sturdy like a tank sewing machine into the thrift store a few years ago. I used it some, but the tension got messed up and I couldn't get it straightened out. Paul dug deep into the google archives until he found an old service manual. He learned how sewing machines work and was able to make this one run like new.

Our phones are fixed... they were out for a week and I was kind of getting used to it...

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