Thursday, September 24, 2009

Berry Picking

Toward the end of July the blueberries turn ripe and we head up into the hills to pick them. You have to go on a day that has a little breeze or the bugs will eat you up.
We also get lots of blackberries and around the middle of September the cranberries are ready to be picked.
The kids are pretty good pickers, although the little ones eat most of what they pick. The hardfast rule is, "you don't eat out of the bucket, you pick what you want to eat!" Even Sarah follows that rule. I set her in front of a bunch of berries and she loves picking and eating.
Quentin and Sarah





Abigail, Sarah and Princess
The tundra is very soft and squishy. Great for taking a nap when you get tired of picking.
Sarah, Joshua, Caleb & David

One of the advantages of living in a small village with no law enforcement, is that you get to learn to drive fairly young... Sarah does so well that Paul doesn't even have to watch where she's going anymore.

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