Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sarah Walking

Sarah is walking. Even after nine kids those first steps are very exciting. She had to walk early with eight brothers and sisters encouraging and helping her walk daily.
She's figured out how to get her socks off too.
Quentin thought it would be cool to trace Sarah on freezer paper.
Sarah found some left over spaghetti on the table.
Sarah is down on the swing in the basement where we keep the thrift store and teach GED classes. The girls are sorting out clothes. They found Sarah a cute hat and jacket. We sell (a dollar a bag) a lot of clothes, but we are the biggest recipients. The kids love going through a bag of clothes when they come in. It's a little harder to get them interested in sorting them into totes for the thrift store.
All the hard work sorting and trying on clothes wore Sarah out.

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