Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Salmon Fry on the Beach

We put up about 60 Salmon this year between canning fresh and smoking them. One fish will fill five jars. After we filled our jars we cut up some to smoke. We smoke them for about three days and then can them. One of the best parts of Salmon fishing is the fish fries we have on the beach. When we cut the fish to smoke we have to get it thin enough so it dries quickly. That leaves plenty of fillet left to grill. We freeze fillets for frying all year.
Below Teri, Kinsey and Gilana Martin are waiting for some delicious Salmon fried over the open fire.

Lavonne is feeding Sarah some fresh grilled salmon.
Deborah is keeping Myron and Paul supplied with fish to fillet from the fish box.

Joshua's trying to knock off some kindling to start a fire. The hatchet works better...
Quentin and Geronimo are playing a game of horse shoes we set up near the fire pit.

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