Monday, September 7, 2009

Sockeye Salmon Fishing with a Set Net

We made sure we got back from our trip in time to put up Salmon. The most delicious Sockeye Salmon (Reds) swim right by our front door. We put out our 25 fathom (150 ft) net, one end tied off on shore and one end attached to a buoy. The first year we fished here we left the net out all night and got 117 fish by morning. That was a little too much for us to handle all at once so now we just put the net out during the day.
Below Quentin, Deborah and Abigail are getting ready to go out with Paul to put the net out. You can see it in the boat. Once they put it out the first time for the year, they'll leave it attached to shore and just pull it in and out.
This picture was taken July 12th as they are going to put the net out for the first time, you can still see some good patches of snow on the mountain across the lake.As they put the net out, they herded about five Salmon into the net and then they picked them before they came back. Abigail is looking at them in the tote below.Paul is taking another crew of kids out to check the net again. We check it about three times a day and then pull it at night. After two days we had all the Salmon we needed.Deborah, Quentin and Paul are gutting the Salmon. Then we put them in the fish box until we are ready to put them in jars and can them.Deborah and Anna are getting the jars ready to put in the pressure cooker. Everyone has their own way of putting the fish in the jars. We have started putting the whole fish in after we gut it, take off the head, tail and fins. The omega 3 oils are stored right next to the skin and the bones are a great source of calcium. They soften up during the canning process and mix right into the fish when it is prepared for eating. The elders in the village love the fish heads so we give away as many as we can.

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