Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jansie & 7 Highways

God connected Jansie (Yansie) and I through a mutual friend in Israel. Jansie is from South Africa and felt God calling her to travel the African continent to act as an intercessor. The vision expanded to traveling from the ends of the earth to Jerusalem. She started from Wales, Alaska on her 3rd highway with her friends Rene and Cecilia. They are traveling with Jansie for two weeks and then one of her sisters and then the other are going to travel with her all the way down the west coast of North, Central & South America in 50 days. They have made many contacts with believers along the way and are praying that God will continue to connect them with His people. You can follow their journey at
After their return from Wales, I picked them up late at night at the Anchorage airport in our motor home. They had a whole day to wait until their bus left at 5:30 am Sunday morning to continue their journey. So, we turned the motor home alternately into a bed and breakfast and a prayer mobile. We spent the first night in the Fred Meyer parking lot with the other motor homes and then drove to Wasilla to meet with Regina. a teacher from Nondalton who fellowships with us during the school year. We had a good time of prayer together in the motor home.
Regina is on the left. Cecilia is on the right.
Deborah and Sarah got to make the trip with me. We went down to the lake in Wasilla to gather a stone. Jansie will take all the small stones she collects on her way and make them into an altar unto the Lord in Jerusalem from the ends of the earth.We had another appointment later that afternoon with a group of ladies I had never met, but we connected with through God's leading. We had another good time of prayer and intercession and then we spent some in praise and worship. It was a beautiful day and God's creation made the perfect backdrop for our worship. Jansie is below.

Next we headed to the Golden Nugget campground. They've got a nice laundromat with an internet connection. (Jansie might not agree as the dryer melted some of her warm clothes. Hopefully she won't miss them as it will be winter in Chile.) They were able to catch up on their trip blog and answer emails. I took a picture of them through the window. It made for an interesting picture as I caught my reflection as well as the camper pulled by a semi-truck behind me.
By the end of our short weekend together we felt like old friends. We'll have to keep in touch... The ladies had asked God to help them pick out a few gifts for the contacts they'd made but never met, before they started their trip. They gave me a beautiful necklace and a shofar made from a South African ram. The shofar has become a most treasured possession which we blow regularly. Sarah loves it and wants to blow it whenever she sees it. She also loves to dance whenever we sing praise songs. In fact as we sang yesterday she walked around to several of us and put her little finger out to beckon us to dance with her. She wasn't satisfied with just one, she wanted several of us up dancing with her. We'll have to make space in our worship service for Sarah to lead us in dance!

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