Friday, May 1, 2009

Whitehorse Aquatic Center

One of our favorite places to stop on the ALCAN is in Whitehorse at the aquatic center. It's awesome. They've got a huge pool with a rope swing and lots of water fun for the kids. Since we were there five years ago they've added three hockey rinks, a soccer field and a running track. But, the best part is that the whole family use all of it all day for $16.20. It's a great deal for a big family. Quentin
They had the best baby rafts I've ever seen. They were extremely sturdy. I towed Sarah and Benjamin all over the place.
Everyone loved the rope swing. The big kids loved swinging on it and the little kids loved watching there dads swinging on it.

We are now at Paul's mom's house enjoying spring. We're going to go visit his grandmother today. She turned 97 yesterday.