Saturday, May 23, 2009

Visiting the Rekken's

On our trip one of the things that continues to amaze me although it shouldn't is how much all the kids that we are seeing for the first time in 5 years have grown. Below is a picture of Deborah, Abigail and Mikayla Rekken. Mikayla has just shot up, well, as much as Abigail and Deborah have... duh...
It was great fun to visit Blaine & Judy and their two kids Aaron and Mikayla and see how well they are doing. They were out to Nondalton to visit us I think 4 years ago. Driving home after we had a delicious supper and visited for awhile, it was late and it reminded me of all the times we would drive home from their house after bible study. Many times it was near midnight by the time we got home and we would have to carry the kids in to their beds. The stars were always so bright driving through rural North Dakota. I can remember one night we could see the Northern Lights like we never had before or since. Red dancing lights stretched all across the sky. God's handiwork is awesome!
The Rekken's are all very musical. Aaron has got among other instruments a nice drum set in the guest room. The kids had great fun playing it.

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