Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grandma Effie's

As we approached Grandma's house the kids had a contest to see who could see her three silos first.

Grandma Effie had hot soup waiting for us.

We've been having fun doing all sorts of farm chores with Grandma Effie.  Effie is an expert loader driver.  She's lifting Paul, Quentin and Joshua up so they can bring down a dead limb.

Quentin is having fun dragging the driveway.
...and rototilling the garden.
After Quentin dug the garden with the tractor and then rototilled it, the girls helped Grandma plant potatoes.

Sarah is using Paul’s old walker.  It's in pretty good shape for being 47 years old, but it definitely wouldn't pass any safety inspections.  She's getting pretty good in it.  It is so lightweight that she can get right up to anything including trash cans where she finds all sorts of exciting things.

This has been a favorite stool for all the kids learning to walk.  You can easily slide it all over the living room.

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