Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Driving the ALCAN

On the right is the Fowler Suburban and camper.  Our motor home is on the left.  The snow covered mountains were gorgeous.  We would drive until we got tired and then we'd pull over till morning.  
We put a seat belt between my seat and Paul's for Sarah.   She likes being the center of attention.Leo & Menda in their camper...  Leo is making popcorn for the whole crew.
The roads were pretty covered with snow.  Below Leo is passing a snowplow.
Paul and Leo are changing a tire on Leo's camper that was leaking.  The trip started out with a flood in the Fowler's camper because their faucet was bad.  Home Depot was only a couple of blocks away and Leo had it fixed in no time.  Deborah is doing fine.  She still has a rash and swelling going on here and there, but not bad.  Please pray with us that it will go away or we'll figure out that she's allergic to something.

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