Monday, May 25, 2009

Visiting the Ehmer's

I am really quite terrible at keeping up with people, even some of my best friends (if any of you have noticed). I always have great intentions, but the letters that I write in my head often never get written and sometimes halfway written but not sent. But there are some people that I can see for the first time in years and it seems like only yesterday. I suppose our hearts are knit together by the Holy Spirit.  It has been fun renewing those friendships and creating those bonds with new friends.  One of those friends are the Ehmers, we got to spend some time with Tom and Raquel while we were in North Dakota and it was great fun catching up with their lives and meeting the kids born after we moved to Alaska.

Katia Ehmer is a month older than Sarah and they had fun "playing" together.

Jessica Ehmer, Deborah and Quentin are getting pulled behind the Ehmer's golf cart with their roller blades on.
We went to the Pizza Ranch together.  Below Paul and Tom are visiting over pizza.

The kids had fun playing games together.

Abigail and Deborah are already missing Jessica....
The girls and Paul went over to the Ehmer's on a few Wednesday nights for Youth Group that Tom & Raquel lead in their home.  Below Tom and Austin are borrowing Raquel's wheelchairs and are playing wheelchair basketball.

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