Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visiting the Lorentzens in North Dakota

After we crossed the border from Canada we passed right by our new friends the Lorentzens on our way to Paul's mom's house. So, of course we stopped to visit and meet the rest of the family. We stopped in Minot to pick up some food to bring along with us. We bought some donuts for a treat and it was all Caleb and Benjamin could do to keep their hands off them as they sat drooling over them on the way to the Lorentzen's house.

Abigail and Amanda are taking pictures of each other.

The kids enjoyed all of the animals at the Lorentzen's: dogs, cats, chickens, turtles, cows, and about 25 horses.
Below Deborah is helping Sarah pet one of the horses.

The kids played cards while we visited over tea and coffee.

Anna and Caleb jumping on the trampoline.

Paul went with John and Madison to Nate's, a gunsmith friend of theirs. He has a reputation for making guns very accurate over long distances. Paul absolutely loved it. He was able to consistently hit an eleven inch target 1080 yds away.

In fact they were gone all day. They had so much fun that I think they were feeling guilty by the time they got home. The Lorentzens live between the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan. So, the guys decided to round up the kids and take them to Fort Mandan which adjoins their land. They piled 18 kids and 3 adults into their van for the short trip to the Fort.
Here's the whole crew gathered around a statue of Clark's dog Seaman.

We had a great time, Thanks!

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