Saturday, May 9, 2009

John, Madison & Amanda Lorentzen

While Paul and Abigail were in Anchorage for one of Abigail's last orthodontist appointments, they met John Lorentzen and two of his kids, Madison and Amanda.  They were in Anchorage ministering in churches in the area.  Madison is 18 and he plays the guitar and the harmonica and write songs.  Amanda is 15 and she plays the violin and the guitar and also writes songs.  It turns out they are from North Dakota about 200 miles West of Hope, ND where Paul grew up. They've got 10 kids that they home school and they also lived in Port Alsworth for a summer in 1997.  
Paul invited them out to visit us in Nondalton.  Below they are flying out in our C-172.

John, Madison and Amanda on the airfield in Nondalton.

Madison and Amanda sang their songs for us in Nondalton.

After Madison and Amanda finished their concert, David Martin, Abigail, Deborah, Quentin and little David joined in and they had a great time playing together.
All too soon it was time for them to go.  Paul flew them to Port Alsworth where they gave a concert at Jeremy & Michelle Davis' house and then played in church on Sunday. 

They have a website at


Abbey said...

I just found your blog tonight---I have followed the Warrens/Wallers from afar since coming into Torah. We live in ND so it was so fun to see that is where your roots are too!

I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Susan said...

It's a small world. We just spent a month in ND waiting for the wedding. Paul's mom still lives on the farm near Hope. We'll have to connect on one of our trips. Where do you live in ND? You can email me at