Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nick & Janee's, Gore's, Kroeplin's, potluck, etc....

We are in North Carolina now at my Mom & Dad's house, but my blog is still back in North Dakota.  It'll take me awhile to catch up because we are doing so many cool things.  I would like to report and praise God that Deborah has not had any new hives in over five days.  The kids are doing great and really enjoying their trip.

Paul and I are having a hard time staying slim and trim on this trip because we've been having so much fun enjoying wonderful meals prepared by good friends we haven't seen in five years.
Below Paul's cousin Nick and his wife Janee had us over and Janee set such a fine table the kids were awed (which was a good thing because it made them shy and quiet for a little while.)
The little boys couldn't wait to get done with their meal so they could eat the candy Janee had sitting by their plates.

Ron & Cindy Gore had us over for pork chops.  Danielle Gore is giving Anna a ride on their 4 wheeler.

Ken & Sharon Kroplein who farm our land now had us over for supper too, but I forgot my camera.  It was fun seeing their daughter Shannon all grown up and married.

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AshestoBeauty said...

Hi Susan..I have so enjoyed catching up with you by reading your blog. Mom sure enjoyed being wtih your precious family last night. I pray we get to visit before you leave Rutherfordton. Would so love to catch up on what the Lord is doing in each of our lives. Blessings to you!