Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creation Museum

We spent a day at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio. We had a great time. All of the displays and programs were so well done that Paul and I found them interesting and informative while the kids were totally entertained by them.
If you have never studied creation theories that use a young earth model, I challenge you to go to the answersingenesis.org website. Click on "Get Answers" and there will be a list of topics to chose from. Most people have never studied any young earth theories because they are not usually presented in school. If you take some time and really study some of the theories that model a young earth you find that there is more evidence to support them than the evidence given for old earth theories.

The kids especially loved the petting zoo.
Of course, my kids are easily amused... They kept their hands very clean at the fancy hand washing sink.
David and Benjamin couldn't resist one more squirt of the hand antiseptic on the way out of the petting zoo.

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Angela said...

thanks for posting this susan..this is one of the places I have down to visit one day.