Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quentin's Birthday

Quentin turned 12 on the 27th of May. We spent the day traveling across the upper peninsula of Michigan across the Mackinac bridge and then down the length of Michigan. We got to Toledo, Ohio in time to have cake and ice cream at my Uncle George and Aunt Darla's house.

Quentin is an awesome son! At the tender age of 12 he is already a man's man. He shot his first caribou when he was 8 after Paul had wounded it. He got his first solo caribou when he was 10. He is becoming a very good mechanic and he has a very sweet spirit. Besides all that he can cook, clean, and do laundry!

My Uncle Charlie brought his Model T down to give the kids rides. They thought it was really cool. John my cousin Jeff's son is holding Sarah.
Paul, my Uncle Charlie and my Uncle George are loooking at the model T my Uncle George is restoring.

My cousin Jeff's daughter Samantha is taking a quiz with my Aunt Darla's smart globe.
We spent the night in the Walmart parking lot the night before Quentin's birthday. For his birthday he got to go in and help pick out his present. He got a remote control helicopter. It turned out to be a great gift because he can fly it in the motor home as we are driving providing hours of fun on the road.
We stopped for lunch beside Lake Michigan. We almost lost the helicopter to the lake. It's kind of hard to steer. Paul is catching it below.

Trip Note: I am way behind in my blogging. We got to the beach yesterday June 13th. We are having fun!

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