Friday, June 5, 2009

Tennis & Golf

We spent a day hanging out in Hope, ND, Paul's home town.  We played at the playground and the tennis court and ran into old friends while enjoying ice cream at the drive-in.
Paul can fix anything and when we arrived at the tennis court the net was unusable.  All it took were several zip ties, a few repairs and a little oil for the winch and Paul had the net in good shape.

Children are a blessing from the Lord.  Paul and I discovered another good reason that many children are a blessing.  At our age and conditioning and overall lack of tennis ability, having 9 ball boys (and girls) made playing way more fun.  It took a little training but the kids were quick to pick up on it.  Below Paul is demonstrating to Caleb how the professional ball boys do it.

We also went out to the Hope golf course one afternoon.  The kids had fond memories of playing there before, even though we'd only played a few times.  We have some good pictures of them playing as young kids and they remember quite well everything we have pictures of.  When we 1st played five years ago the greens were mostly all sand greens.  They've done a lot of work improving it and now all of the greens are real grass and very nice.  Paul's cousins Nick & Barry each loaned us their golf carts for the afternoon.


What Joshua lacks in form and technique, he more than makes up for in style with those cool shades.

The ball washer attached to Barry's golf cart was a big hit with the kids.  Our balls and club heads stayed very clean!

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