Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last Day in North Dakota

We left North Dakota for North Carolina on Monday morning the 25th of May.  The day before we went to church in Finley and stopped by the Ehmer's on the way home.  The have a robin's nest in a tree in their front yard and I got a nice picture of the babys.

Momma robin is watching us from the roof top.
We also stopped by Darren and Deanna Meyers on our way home from church.   Their kids Caleb and Camille are another example of how the kids have grown since we saw them last.  Caleb was about the height of Camille the last time we saw them and now he's taller than his dad!

Abigail, Camille and Deborah
When we lived in North Dakota we lived a mile south of Paul's Mom Effie.  She often cooked us pancakes for supper.  The kids have fond memories of eating Grandama's pancakes.  She made them for us again the night before we headed out for North Carolina.

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