Friday, April 10, 2009

Making an Ice Rink

The kids decided to make an ice rink this year.  They got a lot of good exercise clearing off the snow.  
They got a submersible pump to try and flood the rink to make it smooth.  However, the ice was so thick this year they had to go a long ways out to get to where the ice wasn't frozen right to the ground.  They made the rink too close to the shore so the bigger hose wouldn't reach.  They attached a garden hose which reached but they couldn't get enough pressure going through and it soon froze. (The submersible pump came in handy though when we lost running water to the house.  Our front loading washing machine needs 5 lbs. of pressure to run.  So, we filled up totes of water and put the pump in them and ran a hose to the washing machine.  We've got good water pressure now, Praise God!  We're supposed to boil it to drink because they are pumping it straight from the lake....  Maybe they'd let us borrow their huge, long hose with the powerful pump:) That would flood the ice rink in no time!)

Anna giving David and Benjamin a wild ride on the ice.

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