Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost out of Canada

We are in Saskatoon, Canada.  We had finally decided we were going to go through Montana on our way to North Dakota when Deborah broke out in a nasty rash with a lot of swelling.   It got so bad we stopped at the hospital in Fort St. John.  They did a lot of blood work and decided it wasn’t a lot of things, but they aren’t sure what it is.  She’s been taking Benadryl and that has controlled it some.  We appreciate your prayers for Deborah.
We decided to take the more traveled route and so we our headed straight for ND and we’ll visit our friends in Montana on the way back to Alaska.
We’ve been having a great time in spite of Deborah’s illness and a flu bug that has hit each one of us one at a time.  When it happens in the movies, one person gets sick then two, then four then eight…  It doesn’t seem to happen that way in our family, only one person was sick at a time.  We are grateful that each person was down for about 12 hours and then back smiling.
The highlights of the trip so far have been swimming at the Whitehorse aquatic center and at Liard Hot Springs.  We hit a couple of snow storms that made driving interesting.  
We parted ways with the Fowlers and already we miss their smiling faces.  It was a lot of fun trading places with our kids and their kids.  

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Chrysa said...

We will miss you this time...when will you be coming back thru? School is out the tenth of JUNE>>>EITHER GOING TO CO THEN FOR A WEEK OR THE WEEK BEFORE THE LAST SUNDAY IN JUNE>>>Black Hills June28and on the way back home camping over the 4th with Shad and family...Let us know. Sorry about the keyboard acting up...