Sunday, April 26, 2009

Getting started down the Alcan

Here is the whole crew in front of Lake Clark Air in Anchorage as we are getting ready to take off.
We crosssed into the Border with Susan driving and it was our quickest border crossing ever.  When we exited Canada above Minot, Paul was driving at 10:30 pm and they had us all get out while they inspected our vehicle.  They took our oranges and we were on our way.  I think we'll do an experiment and let Susan drive on the border crossings back up.

We saw lots of animals which turned out to be our math lessons for a few days as the kids gave points for the animals.  We stopped counting at 4850.

Caleb taking a turn in the Fowler's suburban.

   One of our favorite things to do while driving is to read to the kids.  I fixed up a microphone that goes through the speakers of the motorhome so everyone can hear me.  We started reading "Secret Believers" by Brother Andrew.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, It is good to hear that you are back in the states and out of the hospital. We were praying for you in church this morning and it occured to me to check your blog for updates:) Looks like you have had some good times already. Hopefully the flu will leave and you can enjoy good health the rest of your journey. It is raining here today and all the snow is quickly melting. We'll keep checking back to see your new adventures:) Michelle for all the Davis'

Rebecca Hopkins said...

Hey, Brendemuhls! We've been praying for Deborah. Hope she's doing better. And hope you are done with all the sicknesses for this trip. We had a great time with you in Alaska. We arrived in Indonesia a couple weeks ago. It's been good to be back. We feel much more relaxed and laid back, and are glad we don't have to learn a new language this time around.