Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winter Carnival

We had our winter carnival in Nondalton a couple weeks ago.  We all had lots of fun.  The boys love the shooting tournament.   Paul hit the bullseye and was in first place for a long while.  The last carnival Paul led for two days, but Paul won't shoot more than once or twice (you get three shots for $5).  There is a guy from Newhalen who comes up every year and keeps shooting until he wins.  This year his boys came too.  They're all really good shots.

Quentin is getting to be a pretty good shot like his Dad and Grandpas.
This year they had targets at 300 yards and 500 yards.  Paul and Quentin shot at the 300 yard target. 
Everyone loaded up on the Honda to check where they hit the target.
Below all the kids are waiting on the lake for an airdrop.  The Nondalton Mayor has a Supercub and he usually makes the carnival airdrop.  But he couldn't this year, so Paul flew while Abigail dropped the paper tickets out the window.  Some of the tickets had amounts of money written on them which the kids could turn in for cash.
Susan, Abigail & Deborah played 3 man volleyball together.  I did okay as long as the ball came right to me.  I think I need more aerobic exercise.  Paul refereed the basketball games.  Below Abigail & Deborah are facing off against each other in the kids basketball game as Paul throws up the ball.The other big draw at the carnival was poker.  We decided spoons would be a good alternative for our family.  Sarah didn't get to stay there for long because it got a little wild.

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Hi Girls. Great Blog!:) We are looking forward to spending some time with you all at conferenc and we are so excited for you to be going on a TRIP!! Yeah! Love, The Davis'