Friday, September 13, 2013

The Rest of the Trip Part 5

We did some more visiting with old friends in North Dakota before we headed to the wedding.  Here we are at the Ehmer's house, while we were there the kids made a music video.  They did their own rendition of Tim Hawkins' "Pretty Pink Tractor".  You can view it here
We also went up to Mayville where Judy cooked us a delicious supper and we did a lot of catching up with the Rekkens and we went to Cooperstown to eat lunch with Janee.  Farming was in full swing so everyone was pretty busy.

Joshua and Anna had fun taking pictures in the rain.
Benjamin turned seven just as we were getting ready to leave Grandma Effie's and head back to Alaska.  
That evening we had a storm with very strong winds.  I was out in the motor home with Sarah when it hit.  As the motor home was rocking and rolling, I wasn't sure if I should stay put or run for the house.  The wind died down just enough for me to open the door without it being ripped out of my hands and as I looked out Paul was waving for us to come.  So, I picked up Sarah and ran for the house.  
As we were looking out the window, we saw a big explosion when a tree fell on the power line.   The power company came out and fixed the line. 
Then next morning as we surveyed the damage there were over 20 trees knocked down around Grandma Effie's yard.
The kids got to work and started hauling branches and cleaning up the yard.
Kenny Kroeplin our friend and neighbor who is always there to help Grandma Effie out, brought over his Bobcat and did a lot of work hauling trees.

Grandma Effie is an expert loader operator.  She helped the kids load the trailer and then helped them unload where they were making a brush pile.
Anna took the picture below before the storm.  It was sad to see how many bird nests were knocked down by the storm.  The kids wanted to save all of the now homeless birds, but we told them it just wasn't possible:(

The storm delayed our leaving North Dakota by a few days.  So when we did leave we drove fast with hardly any stops.  We had planned on stopping to visit a little on the way home but we felt like we needed to get back so we made record time on the way back.  We made it 2952 miles in two and a half days.

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